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Would you like to feel more grounded and connected?

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Hear From My Students

"I attended Binny’s yoga classes 3 yrs ago the first time. Before that I had never done any kind of sports or yoga. Through her guidance and teachings I have improved my physical and mental health. I look forward to her classes as she teaches with passion, love and genuine care for her students. She has an in-depth knowledge of yoga philosophy and postures which make her classes unique. "

- Afsaneh


"I’m grateful to Binny for holding such a precious and beautiful space at her studio, to share the cacao, heal our collective womb, and our hearts and for showing us all how to return to ourselves and our true power.  It was a magical evening of clearing, repair and loving ourselves. 

Binny you’re blessed with power of words that capture the truth of our souls’ growth. Combining yin and restorative postures with Ayurvedic inspiration, sharing the spirit and intention of evening with your guests with generosity and divine feminine energy. "

- Danusia


"Binny is a fantastic and encouraging teacher. I really enjoy her classes and come away feeling calm and strong."

- Zosia


My Story

Born and raised in the eastern culture I was fortunate enough to embody the practice both in its philosophy and spirituality. Growing amidst a myriad of cultures and beliefs, it was natural for me to be intrigued by the ancient teachings/rituals/ mythologies and various Vedic texts.
My family’s deep interest in spiritual teachings and satsangs, further helped lay my life’s path at a young age.

Later in 2002 , I was introduced to Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism which further deepened my understanding about being human and suffering are innate part of life as we know it. And that acceptance and gratitude are the keys to joy and freedom.

Download a free guided meditation

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